Public transport vanishes off roads


With the shortage of petrol, public transport has disappeared off the roads in the twin cities, increasing the woes of the masses which are already battling gas and power crisis.

Transport was rarely seen on roads whereas transporters which continued to ply on charged exorbitant rates. Long queues of cars on petrol stations were seen in F-6, F-7 and F-8 sectors while some pumps have banned entry of motorcycles.

Due to widespread queues of cars and motorcycles in F-10, G-10, G-6, G-7, G-11, G-8 and E-11 sectors, the traffic structure has totally been out of order. Eighty percent petrol stations were closed in twin cities while the ones which were open were refilling only Rs 1,000 worth petrol.

The mafia taking advantage of the situation has started selling petrol from Rs 78 to Rs 120 per litre.

The passengers are also paying double to triple rates to reach the destination due to the petrol crisis whereas students, teacher and workers are facing a lot of problem in reaching schools and offices.