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PSO claims overcoming fuel shortage in Punjab

The nation’s leading oil marketing company Pakistan State Oil (PSO) on Tuesday claimed that it has successfully managed to overcome the fuel shortages occurring in some parts of Punjab.

In order to do so, the company increased its import of white oil products (petrol) and enhanced the uplift from local refineries. One vessel carrying 50,000 metric tonnes of petrol arrived at Karachi on the January 16 and the majority of this product was dispatched towards Punjab to counter the shortage in the region.

Another two vessels of petrol, 50,000 MTs each, are expected to arrive on January 25 and 29 respectively. Four more vessels of 50,000 MTs each are expected to arrive in February.

The PSO has also purchased an additional 10,000 MTs of petrol from the vessel imported by Shell Pakistan which arrived in Karachi on Tuesday. The arrival of these vessels will help build the company’s petrol stocks and ensure normalization of supplies nationwide.

With a share of approximately 46 percent of the total MOGAS market, PSO is living up to its commitment to fulfil the needs of its customers. It is pertinent to mention here that the other 13 oil marketing companies operating in Pakistan which hold 54 percent of the market also need to play their respective roles in a responsible manner.

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