Cops nab four suspects in Killa Abdullah, Chaman‏


The security forces have reportedly arrested four suspected militants from Killa Abdullah district, Balochistan following a raid in district’s Jangle Pir Alizai area Sunday morning, a security official said.

He said two suspected militants identified as Maulavi Shah Wali and Hafiz Niamatullah were picked up by forces during the raid.

The suspects were later shifted for interrogation by security forces.

In another raid, security forces arrested two suspected militants from Killi Tekhdar area of Chaman, Pakistan’s bordering town with Afghanistan. Forces also recovered weapons from their possession.

In Quetta, police detained 31 suspects during various raids. Police said hate materials and CDs were recovered from the suspects’ possession.

Security forces have intensified their actions in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan after the announcement of National Action Plan to combat terrorism in the country.

The crackdown against the militants has increased in the province in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on a school of Peshawar on December 16.