Private schools


The humiliation that students go through in private schools for not paying tuition fee on time is worth criticising. If the due date is over and the payment is not made by the parents due to any reason, the school management starts treating children like culprits. Students who are fee defaulters are punished for their parents’ financial constraints. The names of non-payers are announced in front of the whole class to embarrass them. Sometimes students are not allowed to attend the class and are deprived of other facilities like library. As penalty, fee offenders are made to stand the whole day outside the class and are given lectures by respected teachers stating how irresponsible parents are that don’t deposit dues timely. In a nutshell, the disciplined the school, the harsher are the actions against late fee submission.
I request the education ministry to make a policy for private schools regarding their fee structure and conduct.



  1. I do not think this happens in any private school. If the tuition fees are not paid on time, either the late charges are imposed or the names are struck off. The teachers have no right to subject the students to humiliation and any kind of punishment. If any private school does that it can lose its privileges. Kindly report the matter to the education department. Surely they will have some remedy for such an outrage.

    Ministry of education should open its eyes , and remain vigilant. The writer must lodge her complaint with the school administration too.

  2. Fairly outstanding aspect of material. Private schools these days obviously too expensive and on my observation the one who can engage with private school are those who are in the middle class or above and in the lower class I don't think so.

  3. I totally agree with humiliation of student for not paying tuition fee on time
    I have a situation in S.G Grammar School in Gulistan e Johar Karachi, also I searching how to address to the higher authorities

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