NA-122: Inspection report claims Imran Khan lost to Ayaz Sadiq by 8,800 votes



An inspection report of NA-122 constituency of Lahore was submitted to an election tribunal by a local commission on Monday, stating that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan lost to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) Ayaz Sadiq by a margin of over 8,800 votes in the general elections of May 2013.

The report, prepared by a one-member commission headed by retired district and sessions judge Ghulam Hussain, claimed that the runner-up, Khan, received 83,542 votes while Sadiq bagged 92,393 votes in NA-122.  4,180 votes were received by other contesting candidates.

Counsels of PTI, in the tribunal’s hearing, contested the findings of the inspection report, claiming that out of the total votes polled in the constituency, around 30,000  were bogus. 

The next hearing of tribunal will be held on Saturday where the commission head Hussain will appear as a witness.

The tribunal had ordered inspection of the vote record on a petition of the PTI Chief who  alleged that Sadiq rigged the polls.


  1. Ok..then why Mr Ayaz Sadiq took a stay order on this account ? why did he delay this issue & forced IK to go for dharna ?

    This will be challenged as there was no form 14, 15 & 16 to match the numbers as per EC rule…so, guys wait! do not pass comments just on this news.

  2. Pakistanis will stay blind to the rules and regulation of Election. If the rules are not followed election on a contested seat is null and void. 30 thousand Bogus votes should be investigated for rigging. Missing official forms from seal bags should be investigated. Any violation of election rules null and void the winner of contested seat.

  3. Both the parties have interpreted the one man commission's report , and have given meanings of their own choice. According to the report Ayaz Sadiq won the election by 8800 votes. The claim of Imran Khan that more than 30,000 bogus votes were cast in N.A. 122. We should wait for the final verdict of the election tribunal , instead of making false claims, be it Senator Rashid or Imran Khan.

    We must exercise restraint and respect each other. Mr. Rashid is a compulsive liar. Being the Information Minister, he should not be holding press conferences on these matters. It is clear abuse of power.

  4. Ok lets wait for final decision and to see the collapes of IK's house of cards. Hopefully people will also think before giving the "FATWA" that who is liar.

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