Governor calls for proper security at varsities


The perpetrators of this heinous crime should be punished in severest possible terms and exemplary sentences should be awarded to those ferocious beasts who took the lives of our children in a cowardly attack.

This was the unified message of the condolence reference held at ABAD House to pay tribute to the martyrs of Peshawar school attack.

Speaking on the occasion, renowned social worker and human rights activist Ansar Burney advocated for unity of action among all irrespective of religion, sects, ethnicity or creed, and said: “this tragedy, which is the greatest of all in the history of Pakistan, has awakened the people. Now we stand united with army, police, Rangers and all other law enforcement agencies as we have realised that only in this way they can save themselves from these terrorists who are out to destroy our generations.” Sarim Burney said the Peshawar incident had shaken them so seriously that no words could describe their grief and pain.