Singapore firm launches mobile app for halal foodies


A Singapore-based company on Wednesday launched a mobile application that enables Muslim foodies and travellers to share halal restaurant discoveries around the world.

The free “HalalTrip” app, available for Apple iOS and Android devices, enables users to take and upload photos of halal dishes, write comments and share them through social media.

Clicking on a photo gives details about the dish as well as the location of the restaurant. The app, which has English and Arabic interfaces, also uses a traveller’s location to display photos of halal dishes served in nearby restaurants.

The term halal is used for food, products and services that comply with Islamic requirements.

“Halal food is one of the biggest drivers of tourism for the Muslim market,” said Fazal Bahardeen, chief executive of HalalTrip, part of a Muslim-oriented business group called CrescentRating.

“When travelling, one of the main concerns of Muslims is halal food. What we did is to bring in a social media element into discovering halal food and making it more fun and more intuitive,” he told a foreign news agency.

Fazal predicted the Muslim travel market would be worth $192 billion a year globally by 2020, up from $140 billion in 2013.


  1. This device does not & cannot confirm if the food served is HALAL. It just enables a person to send pictures of supposedly halal food being served in the restaurants being visited, that is it…..the only only device recently launched is called " Halal Test " that tests food for presence of pork by 2 French entrepreneur Mr Jean-Francois & Abdur Rahman Chaoui, MD & Co-founder, Capital Biotech, France. So, in essence, there is no device to confirm if the food is Halal, except accepted by the restaurants, if they can produce HALAL ceificate issued by their respective Muslim authority ….

  2. HalalTrip,one of the world's greatest online travel agents for Halal travel.This app unites two key fundamental travel resources for Muslims; Halal food discovery and prayer times.Different features,for example,city guides and hotel-booking features will be included without further ado.The application permits clients to "spot" Halal food dishes while on their travels and upload images,remark and share via social media to millions over the world.~Lisa Moore.

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