Schools, colleges’ boundary walls being raised for security


Barbwires, metal detectors, CCTVs are being brought in for education institutions’ security while decision has been taken to keep private academies closed till 11th

The boundary walls of schools and colleges in the federal capital are being raised while barbwires are also being fixed.

Metal detectors are being purchased to check every person who would enter into school and college.

Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTVs) are being installed on case-to-case basis. However, hiring of armed security guards will be made in the next phase.

The monitoring team of CA&D Division and Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has taken photographs of those security arrangements and that have been issued for media.

In this regard, a detailed report of progress on security measurements for schools and colleges was presented to Minister of State for CA&DD Barrister Usman Ibrahim and the Minister has shown his satisfaction over security measurements.

The monitoring team, on the directive of the minister visited those schools where security arrangements are being completed on war footing.

Barrister Usman Ibrahim said that all existing resources are being used on priority basis for possible maximum security of schools and colleges.

In the meanwhile, a decision has been taken to keep closed all the academies operating in Rawalpindi till January 11 in the wake of prevailing security situation in the country.

President All Rawalpindi Academies Association and Classic Academy Professor Director Saeed Khalid Dhanial has made proper announcement in this respect. He made this announcement during his meeting with director colleges Hummayun Iqbal.

He said it is need of hour that all educational institutions including academies be kept closed in compliance with the orders of chief minister Punjab. He has issued directives to all academies to ensure fool proof security arrangement.