CM launches Khadim-e-Punjab Green Roads Programme


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif Thursday decided to launch Khadim-e-Punjab Green Roads Programme for rural areas besides allocating Rs 15 billion for the programme in the current fiscal year.

The decision was made during a high-level meeting presided over by the Punjab CM.

Addressing the meeting, the CM said that the programme of rehabilitation of roads of rural areas will result in the development of an agricultural economy and generation of job opportunities. It will also provide speedy transport facilities to the masses, he added.

“The roads rehabilitation programme will also accelerate economic, trade, social and business activities.”

Shahbaz said that the programme of rehabilitation of roads of rural areas is of “vital importance” and a sum of Rs 15 billion has been allocated for the project in the current fiscal year.

“All roads constructed under Khadim-e-Punjab Green Roads Programme will be carpeted while carpeting of roads of flood-affected areas will also be undertaken,” said Shahbaz, adding that the width of the roads in the rural areas will be at least 12 feet.

The CM directed that an effective mechanism should be devised for the maintenance of the roads and committees headed by divisional commissioners should be set up for the purpose.

“Besides repair and construction of roads, a drainage system should also be laid down,” said Shahbaz, adding that trees should be planted on both sides of the roads.

Moreover, the CM said that the policy of “third-party audit” will be adopted for evaluating the standard of the roads.

Issuing instructions for developing a databank of all small and big roads in the province, the CM directed that the Punjab Information Technology Board should prepare a digital record of all roads and institutions concerned should coordinate with the board in this regard.

The CM said that he will personally monitor the programme of repair and construction of roads in rural areas and review the pace of progress on fortnightly basis.

Communication and Works (C&W) secretary gave a detailed briefing to the meeting on the Khadim-e- Punjab Green Roads Programme. C&W Provincial Minister Tanvir Aslam Malik, Minister for Agriculture Dr Farrukh Javed, C&W Parliamentary Secretary Naeem Akhtar Khan, Planning & Development chairman and secretaries of Agriculture and Information Departments and other officers concerned were also present.


Meanwhile, presiding over a high-level meeting to review the progress towards the citizen feedback model, Shahbaz said that the provision of the best services to the masses is the mission of the government and all resources are being utilised for this purpose.

He said that citizen feedback programme has been started for improving the process of provision of services to the citizens.

“The efficiency of the departments and institutions providing services to the people can be improved through citizen feedback model and there is a need for setting up an institutional structure for expanding the scope of citizen feedback model and its effective implementation,” said the CM.

Punjab Information Technology Board Chairman Umer Saif and World Bank representative Zubair Bhatti gave a detailed briefing on the citizen feedback model and its further improvement.

Giving approval to expanding the scope of the model, the CM directed that a steering committee be set up for formulating recommendations to develop institutional structure for effective implementation of citizen feedback model and inclusion of more services.

Addressing the meeting, the CM said that the citizen feedback model has been useful in improving the efficiency of institutions and provision of better services to the citizens.

“The forensic analysis of citizen feedback is essential so that correct data can be collected on the basis of the information received,” said Shabaz, adding that under the model, due attention will have to be paid to performance management for the provision of quality services to the citizens.

He said that effective reforms should be introduced for speedy delivery of services for the benefit of the citizens, adding that there is a need to change the method of work of the departments and institutions concerned.

He said that commissioners, DCOs, RPOs, DPOs and EDOs of health and education should carry out regular monitoring with regard to the model and take immediate action on the feedback received.


  1. my name is m tariq. I gave a application in DCO office CHINIOT in aug 2014 for a link road of rural aeras 5 km from Jhowk more to chak no 132 jb ,our link road is much disturbed from last 20 years , many time remind the local govt. but still no implementations
    plz took a quick action on this issues and resove it.

  2. Great step taken by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. This is a great development plan for the benefit of us. and i have belive that one day whole Pakistan would change and we will see the Golden era.

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