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Masses hail fuel price reduction

Public transporters fail to bring down fare which they say will be revised after call from transport authorities 

The business community, transporters and general public of the twin-cities Thursday hailed the government’s decision to further reduce the prices of petroleum products.

People from different walks of life said that the government was moving towards economic stability and the opposition must also realise its responsibility towards the masses.

Yousaf Khan, a businessman, reportedly appreciated the government step in lowering the petroleum prices, saying, “It will provide relief to the common man.” He said that reduction in petroleum prices would also decrease the prices of daily use items.

Kamran Abbasi, a shopkeeper, said that with reduction in oil prices, transport fares would also be decreased all over the country.

“The democratic government’s step will leave a positive impact on the national economy,” said a private company employee Ziaur Rehman, adding  that a “marked decrease” in the price of petroleum products had been witnessed for the first time in the history.

He said that the cost of transport used in handling import and export would also come down.

Moeen Abbasi, another shopkeeper said that people would have a better purchasing power due to direct and indirect effects of the cut in petroleum prices.

Commuters also lauded the federal government for bringing down fuel prices but deplored public transporters for not passing on the benefit to the general public.

Moreover, arguments and quarrels have become a routine between transporters and commuters, as many were not ready to pay high fare due to the decrease in fuel prices.

When asked about the transport fares, a public transport driver said that it was the responsibility of the transport authority to revise fares, adding that if transport authorities in coordination with Transport Association of the twin cities revise fares they would happily accept it.

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