Winter vacations extended in Islamabad, Sindh



Winter vacations for academic institutions in the federal capital and Sindh province have been extended till January 12.

Islamabad’s Capital Administration and Development Division spokesman confirmed the extension, adding that the decision was taken in a meeting led by minister of state for CADD Barister Ibrahim. A notification in this regard has also been issued.

Sindh’s Education Secretary Fazlullah Pechuho also announced extension of winter vacations across the province.


  1. "Vacations extended in Islamabad, Sindh"
    Mubarik ho Pakistan! Pakistan sindabad – but no idea how and from where you want to bring the youngsters who have studied enough if we have always holidays… Name it: Holidays because we can't grant security to the school children and students… Then election and again weeks of no hope. Let's hope that the people of this country one day will stand up and say: Let our children study!
    dr yahya

  2. That's what the terrorists want to keep out children away from education. closing schools till January 12, 2015 means loss of seven days and left with only two months for the annual exams of fbise and FDE 5th class. Moreover this 10-points security system does not seems to be substantial to repulse the school attacker, who had manured on GHQ and Mehran base for God sack have some wisdom and courage and decide like soldiers savoures rather then sitting in rat holes. death is certain this way or the other. build the courage like 1965 Indo Pak war when we being students of 5th 6th class dug trenches against our top enemy Indians

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