Military courts cannot end terrorism: Rabbani


Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) senator Mian Raza Rabbani Monday said that military courts cannot root out terrorism from the country.

Delivering his speech in the Senate session, Rabbani said that civil courts exist in the country and there is a need to make improvement in the current system.

“When PML-N leader comes to power, it always establish military courts in the country,” he lamented.

The Senate continued debate on recent terrorists attack on Army Public School Peshawar that left at least 150 innocent people dead, most of them children.

Taking part in the debate, Senator Sardar Yaqoob Nasir said there is no distinction between good or bad Taliban. He said both the political and military leadership have decided to fight terrorism through joint concerted efforts.

Another senator Kalsoom Parveen said it is time to take practical steps to end terrorism, instead of raising hollow slogans.


  1. If that is the case, very correct Mr Rabbani, then why your govt in power for 5 years not strengthen ATC ? why necessary legal cover through amended law not give proper power to ATCs ? why ATCs were busy with criminal cases while cases of terrorism was left out ? So, who is responsible fo the mess we are in today ? Gen M, of course! I forgot there is one scapegoat for each of us & for all the prevailing ills…Gen M.

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