Police to set up citizen committees to protect neighbourhoods


Islamabad police has decided to set up security and surveillance committees of citizens in neighbourhoods to ensure safety of people.

According to Islamabad police spokesman due to prevailing situation, police with the cooperation of the people has formed a strategy to tackle the criminal elements.  Public can play an important role in dealing with miscreants in the present situation. According to this strategy, Islamabad police have appealed to the youth to submit their details in relevant police stations to become part of security and surveillance committees. Those women who want to be part of these committees should provide their details at the Women Police Station Sitara Market.

Police will provide special cards to the citizens who will be members of the committees.

The task of the members will be to keep a close watch on their surroundings and inform relevant police station or Rescue 15 about suspect things, people and vehicles.

Talking about the police strategy, Inspector General Islamabad Tahir Alam Khan said citizens can play an important role in eliminating crime from the society.  He said citizens should perform their responsibility in the present circumstances, identify the criminal elements and completely cooperate with the police. He said police with the cooperation of the public will eradicate the menace of terrorism from society.