Police direct property owners to provide particulars of tenants


Islamabad police informed citizens on Sunday that owners of property including owners of homes, hotels, motels and guest houses should provide complete details of their tenants to relevant police stations before putting properties on rent.

According to a spokesman of Islamabad police, under this strategy, yesterday a search operation was conducted in Khanna, Koral, Iqbal Town, Shehzad Town, Hummak and in the surrounding areas against property owners and tenants. During this search operation, particulars of the tenants were collected and under section 144 cases were filed against 26 property owners who did not provide details about their tenants before renting out their properties.

Islamabad police have adopted a very simple procedure for the property owners and tenants.  Two registers have been placed at the police stations. In one register particulars of property owners and in the other particulars of tenants are being noted.   Both the property owners and tenants will be provided a registration number after receiving their particulars.

SSP Islamabad Asmatullah Junejo said the above step was taken to tackle with the present critical situation and to ensure safety of citizens.  He appealed to citizens to provide complete details to the police stations about their tenants before putting their properties on rent.  He said legal action will be taken against those property owners who will not provide particulars of their tenants.  The SSP said search operation will be undertaken in other areas of Islamabad as well.   Name of a citizen who will provide any information regarding the criminal elements or activity, will be kept secret and will be provided complete protection, he added.