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Intra-party marriages trending in Khan’s camp

  • PTI leaders Ali Asghar Khan and MPA Maleeha Khan tie the knot in Imran Khan’s presence
  • PTI chief says party has made politics a family affair

True to its slogan for change, Pakistan Tehree-k-Insaf (PTI) is fast introducing new trends into Pakistan’s political fabric. The latest trend involves intra-party marriages, which may truly make PTI a family affair.

PTI leader Ali Asghar Khan, the son of Air Marshal (r) Asghar Khan, on Friday tied the knot with PTI MPA Maleeha Khan. The wedding was attended by people from all walks of life. However, the most prominent people to attend were PTI Chairman Imran Khan and PML-Q Secretary General Mushahid Hussain Sayed. A number of PTI workers were also present.

On the occasion, an exchange of pleasantries took place between Mushahid Hussain and Imran Khan. Mushahid commented that it was amusing to see that PTI is now involved in arranging the weddings of its workers. He said to Imran Khan that the credit for such a marriage goes to him, as this was the first wedding to take place between PTI members.

Imran Khan, while smiling, corrected Mushahid saying that it was not the first such marriage as two or three other weddings had already taken place within PTI. He said that PTI has made politics a family affair.

Imran Khan told a beaming Mushahid that he used to come to Air Marshal Asghar Khan’s home quite often to seek political advice. He said that he and other party workers miss the sit-ins, which had helped mobilise party workers to a large extent.

Khan further added that despite success in the recent elections, and the massive public rallies that PTI had organised, the party had lacked in street power. However, the recent ‘dharnas’ that were orchestrated by the party had helped it gain more street power. PTI is now in a position to take on any challenge in political terms.

On the occasion when Mushahid Hussain and Imran Khan went to congratulate the bride and bridegroom, Maleeha, the bride, asked Khan whether he remembered her. Imran Khan smiled and replied, “I remember you very well because during last year’s party ceremony you put a tough question to me.”

Senator Mushahid, who was also standing nearby, told Maleeha that people underestimate Khan, but he has a very good memory.


  1. omer asghar said:

    ali asghar is the third hubby of maleeha, while now she would definitely try to trap Imran khan using ali as a ladder.

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