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Gas pipeline blown up in Dera Bugti

A 16-inch diameter gas pipeline was blown up in Pirkoh area of Bugti tribal territory, suspending gas supply to Pirkoh Purification Plant.

According to an official of Balochistan Levies, unidentified militants had attached explosive material to well No 15. The subsequent explosion blew up a part of the 16-inch diameter gas pipeline suspending gas supply to the main purification plant of Pirkoh from well No 15.

Rescue workers and security personnel reached the site after the explosion and the area was cordoned off. Repair work on the damaged gas pipeline was immediately started.

However, gas supply to major parts of Balochistan and other areas of the country could not be restored as the repair work on boilers in Pirkoh Purification Plant, damaged three days ago in a separate incident, was still not complete.

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