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A city weeps sombrely

Citizens, political parties continue to hold candlelight vigils, protests against Peshawar massacre, demand punishment for terrorists in prison and outside

As the city tries to return to normalcy from the deeply moving tragedy in Peshawar, people from various strata are holding vigils and walks in different parts of the city on Thursday.

Parents of school-going children were the most grief stricken, while lawyers, doctors, members of the civil society and many citizens mourned in grief.

The lawyers held funeral prayers in absentia for the victims of the attack, while civil society members held demonstrations and vigils in various parts of the city.

The student and women wings of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-insaaf (PTI) held a demonstration at the Charring Cross on The Mall. They were demanding justice for the children slain in the Peshawar school attack.

The women wing of the Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) also held a large demonstration at the Liberty Market roundabout. They were holding banners and placards showing support for the Pakistan Army and condemning the terrorist attack.

A large number of civil society members also held a candlelight vigil at the liberty roundabout later in the evening. They were holding placards inscribed with their demand for justice for the victims.

“We all have children and they go to schools. We are here to show solidarity with the parents of the martyrs of the Peshawar tragedy and we demand from the government that it should take punitive action against those responsible for such inhuman and brutal attack. Children get love and attention from everyone irrespective of any relationship and this is not just a national but human tragedy,” Laiba, mother of two, who was at the Liberty roundabout, told Pakistan Today.

A large section of the society has demanded execution of terrorists already in prison. At various places, the protestors were holding placards demanding punitive action against those responsible.

“I really don’t understand why the government is not hanging those already in prison. How will the crime stop if the people don’t get punished for their crimes? I really don’t agree with the response of the government, the press conference of the top leadership should have come after the execution of the terrorists in custody. People should get a feeling of security while sending their children to schools,” Advocate Zeeshan Ahmad said.

This also remained the topic being shared all around on the social media. Many people kept sharing various photographs and news stories related to the tragic incident. The overall mood of the city remained sombre.

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