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COAS demands Fazlullah, warns Afghans of hot pursuit

  • Gen Sharif visits Kabul, seeks Afghan, ISAF cooperation in tracking down TTP chief Fazlullah
  • Says will engage in hot pursuit inside Afghanistan if Peshawar attack perpetrators are not handed over by Afghan govt

During a daylong visit to Kabul on Wednesday, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif separately met Afghan President Dr Ashraf Ghani and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Commander General John F Campbell and sought immediate arrest and repatriation of banned Tehreek-e-Pakistan (TTP) chief Mullah Fazlullah, whose group had claimed the responsibility of slaying 132 minor students and 12 staffers of the Army Public School (APS), Warsak Road, Peshawar on Tuesday.

The COAS, who was accompanied by Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Director General Rizwan Akhtar, informed the Afghan president that the Peshawar attack was “Pakistan’s 9/11” and if the Afghan government failed to arrest the attack’s mastermind, Pakistan Army would use all its available options including hot pursuit inside the Afghan territory to arrest the TTP terrorists, sources told Pakistan Today.

Sources added that Pakistan has credible evidence which suggests that the terror attack had been conceived and planned on Afghan soil and its mastermind was also present there.

During the meetings, General Sharif also shared Pakistan’s intelligence data regarding the handlers and masterminds of the terrorist attack on APS.

“Matters related to security situation along Pak-Afghan border region came under discussion. Vital elements of intelligence were shared with concerned authorities with regard to the Peshawar incident,” said the statement by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

“The Afghan president assured General Raheel Sharif that Afghan soil will not be allowed for terrorist activities against Pakistan and any signature found in this regard will be immediately eliminated,” the statement added.

“COAS also assured the Afghan president of full support to the unity government in all spheres including joint efforts against terrorists. The ISAF commander also assured of his complete support in eliminating terrorist in his area of responsibility,” the statement said.

After the daylong visit, General Sharif landed back at the Peshawar airport in the evening and held a meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, briefing him about his visit to Afghanistan.

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  1. jaggy said:

    this is where the duplicity of the pak army is exposed.
    i cry with them for the Peshawer kids, whereas they smirked in sadistic pleasure, when indian blood was spilled in mumbai.

    • hamid said:

      Jaggy thats not true. No sane person in Pakistan supported the Mumbai terrorist act except the same type of people who did this.

    • MiF said:

      Jaggy, we also cried for innocent people killed in mumbai attack. nobody, no living soul deserves to die like that, be it mumbai or peshawar.

    • ansar haq said:

      No it seems Indians as ever are using another opportunity to belittle Pakistan and Pakistanis.

      Kasab the fiend rerrorist if Mumbai had no link to Pakistan nor was he a Pakistani.

      He looked south Indian and not North Indian certainly not Punjabi and not speak a word of urdu ( Pakistani language ) nor punjabi ( supposed from Pakistan’s Punjab province).

      What Kasab did speak was HindI and very poorly at that and spoke Marathi.

      CIA MI 5 / 6 Scotland Yard and Interpol have concluded Pakistan did not play a part in your terror.

      India has used every opportunity to thrust her foreign policy and strategic agenda in this lasy decade to belittle Pakistan.

      Where is the justice for Gujerat massacre by Hindu fanatics linked to the State and now premiere Modi when women were gangraped in front if their brothers and fathers where pregnant women had foetuses ripped out. Massacre of men women in Gujerat or Christians of Orissa where Nuns wete raped by Hindu terrorists. What about terror against Hindu Dalits in the Seven Sisters states which has been going in for centuries.

      Kashmir mass graves or the entire village where Muslim women of Kashmir were raped throughout the night by Indian Soldiers still pending trial.

      The list goes on what about hanging colonel prohit rather than treating him as a national hero a Hindu Army colonel who bombed a train filled if Pakistani men women and children coming to India to extend a hand of friendship.

      Who murdered Hernant Karkare a brave Indian Hindu policeman investigating Colonel prohit and found a sinister Hindu terror link from government army to street militia with links to Israel too.

      Un cid entails Hermant Karkare chief of mumbai anti terror unit was murdered during Mumbai terror nit by terrorists inside the Taj but from behind at close range outside The Taj Hotel. ..who killed him who was trying to get rid if him exposing extent of Hindu Saffron Terror in India?

      Pakistan unlike India has provided hard evidence linking Undia to unrest in Balochistan, Khybe and Karachi supporting arming as well as logistical tactical support for terrorists.

      Further the head if Pakistani Taliban is hiding in Afghanistan supported by Indian consulates 6 littered along Pak and Afghan border – what is their purpose there.

      Fazlullah the Butcher if Swat had foreign fighters if south asian stock who were not circumcised. Killed in SWAT. Uncircumcised therefore not muslim and Asian in long beards and Muslim garb where do you suppose they came from.

      Please we do not need your cheap sentiments thank you India and no thank you Indians.

      You use Indian Lobby’s linked to Zionist Lobby’s to market India and Hinduism and destroy the image of Pakistan abd Muslims not only in Washington and USA but all over the world.

      We had remorse for Mumbai just did not appreciate your ginger pointING even when the first pictures came out knowing very much it will as ever be a trial by Indian media.

      We have survived many a calamity many a dark time thus decade and many more.

      We ate survivors we are Pakistani, heirs to the mighty Mughal Empire and Indus Valley Civilisation we will rebuild our broken nation in mourning today without the empty sentiments from the Ganges Civilisation.

  2. Az said:

    Jaggy u hindu goon! The two issurs are seperate – india has attacked many innocent muslims on indian and pakistani soil. Lest we forget babri masjid massacre by hindu nationalists – under modi governance of gujrat. Im sure indian army was smiling sadistically then. Sadly Hypocricy exists everywhere – but those with hlass houses should not throw stones.

  3. Waheed Ghilzai said:

    I heard that during his visit to Kabul he went to meet the families of thousands of Afghans killed by Pakistani assassins, he was in tears and promised Pakistan will never support any terrorist crossing its border and attacking Afghanistan! He also promised to hand over , the Haqqanies, mullah Omar, Glbuddin Hykmatyar and all the other ISI agents!

    • ansar haq said:

      Your not Afghan. .

      We have given refuge yo 5 generations of Afghans.
      why because they ate our brothers and we not India have suffered in life blood and tears alongside them.

      You will not divide us because ultimately this us what the Indian proxy TTP wants led by the Indian asset hiding in Kunar namely Fazlullah

  4. mrdotcom said:

    Occupied Afganistan is US and Indian colony. Talibans are funded, trained and suppoted & equipped by indian notorious RAW on high scale. This in not a secret. Indian 2 mins sulence is a dreama. India has to stop terrorist activites in sub continent. Indians are flying too high these days for few call centres. They are still western slaves.

  5. ansar haq said:

    India our children have died yet again do you people have a soul. Not just here but other sites too, I was only reading Washington Post and other such boards and it was swamped with Indians.

    Taking every opportunity to belittle our children’s deaths and our day of mourning.

    Afraid the world may be sympathetic to us quick to remind about Mumbai.

    How petty does one gave to be, now don’t get me wrong I am sure Indians are smart peeps but morally upright honourable empathetic they are not.

    Grow up Indians – you can say what you like about us and our faith it will never change the ground reality. Pakistan will always remain in one form or another and yoir financed Afghans plucked out by those elements in Afghanistan intelligence aligned to yoyr deviant agenda for Pak & Afghan will not succeed. Nor will yoyr lobby’s in India and close ties to strong Zionist lobbies. You will always be short changed by The Truth.

    The Truth Stands Firm On It’s Own and no amount if lobbying ir deceitful tactics on Internet message boards will allow you to overpower Pakistan the heir to the Great Indus Valley Civilisation and Mughal Empire.

    We mourn our children and no doubt your agents if terror hiding in Afghanistan will strike again… If it’s written this way Alhamdulilah the patient and mazloom ( real victims ) will always triumph over your deceit.

    I love my Pakistan and as a Kashmiri have every faith in our United people a beautiful people and have faith in the long term and have shown time and time again we are a strong nation who can never be broken.

    Do not smerk and grin because Qadarallah we put our trust where it should be. Now leave us be shallow people.

    If you have nothing good to say say nothing at all think of those young sweet souls we lost.

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