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Citizens demand cut in fares given low POL prices

The commuters in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have demanded adjustment of transport fares in accordance with reduction in fuel prices.

The commuters said that the government twice announced cut in petroleum products but the transporters have not decreased even Rs.2 per stop.

They are still charging Rs.15 per stop while it was reduced to Rs.13 by the Regional Transport Authority.

Muhammad Fahim, a commuter said that the government has reduced the POL prices but the transporters have not decreased the public transport fares.

Another school teacher Fayaz Khan said that the government has announced a favorable decision by reducing the prices of POL products but the transporter are not interested to reduce the fares because they are busy on looting the public by getting huge fares.

“We have not received any notification from the concerned authority for reducing the fares,” claimed Muhammad Salahudin a vain driver of Route No.120.

Zubair Khan, a taxi driver, said that they also reduced their charges due to significant reduction in fuel prices.

He said that due to reduction in petroleum prices, their business increased and more people started hiring taxies due to cut in fares.

The commuters said that public transporters should reduce fares following the significant reduction in petroleum products to give relief to the people.

The commuters and residents of twin cities appealed Transport Authorities to take strict action against the transporters still charging same fares.

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