Lal Masjid files petition against spokesman’s detention over IS allegiance video


Lal Masjid’s clerics have moved the court against the Islamabad administration for detaining their spokesperson in connection with declaration of support by the students of the seminary for the dreaded Islamic State (IS) terrorist group.

Ihtesham Ahmad, trustee and spokesman of seminary’s Shuhada Foundation, filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court against his detention by the capital police, requesting the court to restrain the police from harassing him and other members of the foundation.

A video in Arabic was released on November 26 by the Jamia Hafsa students declaring their support for the Islamic State and its leader Abu Bakr alBaghdadi besides asking the Pakistani militants to join hands with IS fighters.

The principal of the seminary, Umme Hassan, reportedly endorsed this action, saying that the girls were justified in declaring support for the Islamic State, because no one came to their rescue when they were attacked and humiliated like enemies in July 2007.

The petitioner, however, denied media reports regarding Umme Hassan’s endorsement for IS.

A press statement issued by the foundation said that “since the courts had failed to impart justice, the students of Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid in desperation issued the video addressing Daesh to help them get justice.”

Ahmad stated that he and the foundation had no knowledge as to who had issued the video from the seminary but claimed it was probably the independent and exclusive action of the students of Jamia Hafsa.


  1. Clearly this seminary is a source of the extremist Islamic radical ideology…their support for the barbarians of ISIS is disturbing and will lead to more terrorist activity in Pakistan…these schools are just training grounds for terrorists and suicide bombers…they should all be eliminated as a threat to peace and democracy…

  2. EDDIED – sorry are you talking about lal masjid, ISIS or CIA. seems thy all share one thing in common. Torture, terror, lack of respect for civilian lives, manipulation, fear instillment. Lol actually 5 things. Maybe more. Glass houses my dear eddie, those with glass houses should not throw stones.

  3. Gentlemen, how right General Musharraf was in putting these Lal Masjid barbarians behind the bars and cutting finances of all unregistered seminaries. Whole nation salutes Musharraf.

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