Hockey India president seeks Pakistan’s apology over ‘uncouth’ behaviour


Hockey India President Narinder Batra on Sunday said the Pakistan hockey team would have to apologise for its ‘inappropriate’ behaviour, while also slamming the International Hockey Federation’s (FIH)’s decision to take “no further action” against Pakistan.

“Hockey India is disappointed with FIH TD (Tournament Director) decision conveyed to Hockey India on the behaviour of Pakistan team towards the crowd in Bhubhaneshwar, Odisha, after semi-finals of Champions Trophy on 13 December, 2014,” Hockey India (HI) President Narinder Batra wrote in his Facebook post, according to IBNLive.
In a statement issued by tournament director Wiert Doyer, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) said Pakistan Head Coach Shahnaz Sheikh had apologised for his team’s rude gestures towards the crowd.
“I have spoken to Shahnaz and told him that the behaviour of Pakistan players went beyond what is acceptable to standards of the FIH,” Doyer was quoted as saying in the statement.
“Shahnaz has apologised and assured me that this behaviour will not occur again. Given these matters, I’ve decided that no further action is warranted,” Doyer added.
However, claiming that FIH’s decision is unaccpetable to India, the Hockey India president wrote, “I am instructing my CEO to inform FIH that in case this kind of behaviour by teams is within normal and tolerable limits of FIH, then we may not be interested to host any more tournaments in India and the tournaments may be shifted to countries which tolerate this kind of nonsense and uncouth behaviour.”
Batra also said there will be no friendly series with Pakistan until their federation issues an unconditional apology.
“Further there will now be no friendly series on annual basis with Pakistan until an unconditional apology is received from Pakistan Hockey Federation on the uncouth and undesired behaviour of their athletes with spectators and media after the semi-finals on 13 December 2014,” he said.
As Pakistan edged past arch-rivals India 4-3 in a thrilling semi-final match at the Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar in India on Saturday, advancing to the final, team players removed their T-shirts to celebrate.
Pakistan team’s head coach Sheikh boycotted a press conference following objections over his team’s behaviour by Indian media.
Pakistan will face Germany in the final today, while Australia and India will play each other for the third place.



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      • u will get all type of crowd.. u will not get a sports friendly or ur favorable crowd every place.. in tough situation only a gr8 player character comes out…if u cnt handle such pressure u cnt b a player .. better sit or play in ur own country

        • Well Sharique If that was the case than our team would have lost under the hindu hooligans who uttered abuses, bottles at our young boys. They are not afraid and proved their mettle in indea with full unruly crowd against them. How the Indein players behaved with Australians during play time and nobody has taken any action against the players but our players were banned for behavior after the match. Kindly open your mind and raise voice against these illegal manipulation of faacts by the Indeins.

    • Yes accoridng to the norms and codes asprevalent in Paksitan.Good and the world should emulate Pakistan tems behaviour.In fact it should be the norm of pointing the middle finger becasue that is all the team can do.

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  2. To hell with Indians, they deserve more than what Pakistani players did to them.

    I would like to ask the coward Indians, are you going to ask German players to apologizes too ????. I guess not because they were celebrating the goal.

  3. I never knew that middle finger and a bulging CROTCH is a brand symbol of Pakistani sports and mainly hte hockey….nutil we saw what oru boys did in India..

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