Capital wastewater to be treated


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) with the collaboration of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) has established Pakistan Bioremediation Model for Wastewater Treatment at Rose and Jasmine Garden and F-9 Park Islamabad to clean the wastewater of streams passing through these places.

The treated water is used for the green belt and other horticultural activities. The bioremediation technology will help to save drinking water and protect the environment and beauty of Islamabad city, stated CDA Chairman Maroof Afzal while addressing a concluding and award distribution ceremony of two-day International Workshop on Pakistan Bioremediation Model for Waste Water Treatment on Friday.

The chairman CDA said there is need for utilizing new technology to overcome water scarcity challenges facing the country. The demand of drinking water is increasing day-by-day and the country could face water scarcity if measures were not taken and the bioremediation technology is a good tool to overcome the impending crises.

Speaking on the occasion, National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) Director General Dr Muhammad Azeem Khan said PARC has demonstrated various cutting edge technologies and our farmers and society are benefiting from these technological interventions. A feather in the cap of NARC is the development of Pakistan Model of Bioremediation for treatment of wastewater to produce water for use in agriculture.

It is a great effort of scientists of PARC / NARC National Institute of Bioremediation, he said. In a very short span of time, Pakistan Model of Bioremediation has got high-level priority not only in Pakistan but has also been acknowledged at the global level, said PARC DG.


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