Imran voices his fear for shooter’s life



Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday expressed his fear for the life of Faisalabad shooter, a private news channel reported.

Addressing a press conference, Imran claimed that the suspected person who killed  PTI’s worker was already in the custody of police.

Khan further said “those who accuse us of doing politics of dead bodies have no understanding of democracy as protest is our constitutional right.”

He also asserted that the whole world has seen that how the peaceful protest of PTI was messed in the presence of police.

He  also alleged that the attacks on PTI workers were part of government’s plans as  PTI workers had already been attacked in Gujranwala and Jhelum. Rejecting the allegations to produce chaotic situation in the country Imran said“I am not fond of shutting down cities. But our demands must be accepted by the government.”

He further said that big names would be found involved in the rigging if investigations were conducted. The PTI chief said that next election would only  be fair if the culprits are brought to trial.