Junaid Jamshed has no immediate plans to return


Junaid Jamshed says in tweet: ‘I never thought I would ever receive so much pain from the people of my country.”

Junaid Jamshed, the pop star-turned-televangelist accused of blasphemy by the sectarian Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, is in hiding in London and has no immediate plans to return to Pakistan, according to a member of the Tableeghi Jamaat.

The Karachi police opened an investigation into Jamshed’s allegedly blasphemy after a viral video showed the 50-year-old evangelist citing the youngest wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to make a broader point about women’s alleged inherent flaw of seeking attention.

A visibly distraught Jamshed apologised for his actions in a video posted to his Facebook page.

“This is my mistake and it happened because of my ignorance and lack of knowledge and I seek forgiveness from the Muslim world,” he said. “I request my brothers to forgive me and I am thankful to them for pointing out my mistake, it happened unintentionally and I seek forgiveness from Allah.”

However, Mohammad Mobin Qadri, a Sunni Tehreek leader who accused Jamshed of blasphemy, says this was “irrelevant,” and demanded the former pop star answer for his alleged crimes. The organisation has also organised rallies across Pakistan, demanding Jamshed be arrested.

The blasphemy allegations have already hurt Jamshed’s standing as an Islamic scholar, with the non-profit Muslim Charity organisation cancelling a scheduled appearance in Edinburgh to avoid controversy. The Tableeghi Jamaat, a conservative Sunni evangelical group associated with Jamshed’s born-again Muslim status, has also taken steps to distance itself from the former singer. In a video posted online, Jamaat leader Maulana Tariq Jameel upbraided Jamshed for his controversial remarks.

Jameel told a local media outfit that Jamshed telephoned him in tears after the video was posted and assured him that he had never meant to insult anyone. “Everyone can commit such a mistake,” said Jameel. “These people [Sunni Tehreek] have given it a sectarian colour, made it into an issue of Muslim vs. non-Muslim, which it is not.” He said that he supported Jamshed and had accepted his apology. “Issues like these will lead to my country’s ruin,” he added.

Jamshed, who rose to prominence as the frontman of the pop band Vital Signs, quit music in 2004 and joined the Tableeghi Jamaat. He also runs a chain of clothing stores and hosts a televised show on Islam. This is not the first time his words have caused controversy. In his role as televangelist, he has urged Muslim women not to leave their houses without a male guardian and also discouraged them from driving cars.

The former singer maintains his innocence, but appears to have become dejected by the blasphemy allegations. In a recent tweet, he said: “I never thought I would ever receive so much pain from the people of my country.”


  1. Tableeghi Jamnaat instead of distancing itself from Jamshed should support him in this scenario.May Allah & Prophet Muhammad PBUH accept his apology.Jamshed should also avoid going into controversies,especially in his homeland where sectarian hatreds are increasing every day at an alarming pace.

  2. He is always going beyond his limits, wat ever he is delivering for muslim women to b is his personal view y asking to b likewise. May Allah forgive him.

  3. oh wow what a double standerd. If some one else from any other sect or member of minority Godforbid says these dragatory comments about hazrat Ayisha Razi Allha T'alla he must be condemnd to death and Junaid should be forgiven. He should not be given pass.

    • bhai agar koi minority gustakhi karta hay to usay america men acha ghar or achi post miljati hay… konsi dunia main reh rahay ho tum??

      • First of all the accusations against the minority are always found to be false. Secondly u must be living in a cave to suggest minorities get “posts” in america. You seem to be too ignorant to know that blasphemy are all either dead (killed in most horrific mob violence) or rotting in jail. Wake up from the slumber.

    • We treat two kids differently who have broken a glass

      "A" who has glass slipped accidentally slipped from his hands

      "B" who has intentionally smashed it to the ground.

      One is mistake and second is a Crime,

  4. oh wow what a double standerd. If some one else from any other sect or member of minority Godforbid says these dragatory comments about hazrat Ayisha Razi Allha T'alla he must be condemnd to death and Junaid should be forgiven. He should not be given pass.

    • My brother i know you re talking about Shia's, I don't this discussion to be on sects. Junaid Jamshed has said it mistakenly, and he has a belief on Ama Aisha R.A. Even the group to which he belonged have positive aqidah on Aisha R.A, however He has apologized to people regarding his act. People here are not playing any double standard, to me I hate Nasir Abbas a shia zakir, in much of his videos he has said bad words to khulfa-e-Rashideen, Sahaba's and called ama Aisha r.a a characterless lady intentionally. he is dead may Allah forgive him for this acts, because he is dead now now it is between Allah and him. If this person in his life, would have started realizing and asked for forgiveness on his wrong doings, Wallah i would be the first one to support him. In the end, i just want to make clear about your statement "double standardsv, and didn't want to lead this conversation to hurt anyone. Jazakallah O Khair

  5. instead of searching all the facts, the black journalisum done what they paid for….. i am unliking pakistantoday facebook page right now…… junaid is a ideal personality of his era……… whenever we saw him on the tv we think about revolution……

  6. He is only worry about his multi million Rs. business of dresses in Pakistan. He over charge anyway for his brand of dress.

    • bhai ek hi id say nam change karkay bar bar msg q kar rahay ho? tmhari society main sirf tum hi ek parhay likhay ho?????

    • It is his right, we always think that a person when turn to Islam should leave all is jobs and business, than I am Sorry we do not know about Islam,

      So you guys are against him that he grew beard and is selling his brand expensive,

      why do u buy branded things

      branded things
      are always expensive

  7. its not jameel…. its tariq jameel sahib…. he is muslim scholar have some respect….you dont even have sense to give respect….better have some manners first…

  8. pakistantoday…..will keep you out from my Google Adwords account.

    Media should play a sensible role…. seems like they are thinking from their stomach and not their head

  9. sunni tehrik they must act in this way to show themselves as the so called " ashiq e rasool". its their business. write good speeches and earn money. i have read many books by them where they call tablighi jamat as infidels. hopefully the judge in the case hadn't read those books and is neutral.

  10. What a horrible country…. blasphemy has no place in the legal code of any civilized country. It's savagery pure and simple.

    • Who the hell has made u the judge to decide which country is horrible and on what basis.u think u live in a civilised country lol..all u guys r afraid of is being caught on camera… Let the lights go out and then u make records in the worst crimes done within a few minutes. Horrible ppl from a horrible country.

  11. There was a Salman Taseer who was helping a poor christian woman who was "accused" of blasphemy and was shot dead by a coward guard from the back. Salman Taseer knew of the hatred and threats against him but never left his own country. And then we have the "brave" Junaid Jamshed who has left his own country and went to a country which according to his own theory is filthy. Hypocrite.

    • Well no sensible being will justify Salman Taseer's murder & he was right is defending the poor woman in that time of plight but also his most vocal defender was also an Islamic scholar named Allama Ghamdi who was brave enough to stand by his side & also he was killed by so called same ashqqaan of Sunni Tehreek, who are now accusing Juniad. Also, Salman Taseer was an influential politician & was confident enough, though living in paradise of fools, to stay as his party was ruling @ that time, despite of all that he was killed. What evens do Junaid have ??? He is a normal individual. Even Altaf Hussain fled Pakistan in his dark times. He's not hypocrite, but a realist. Hypocrite are people are like you who are just associating blasphemy laws to secular individuals rather than whole nation & a time will come when every individual will face their horrors.

  12. Now it is up to Allah Almighty to forgive him or not, as Allah said in Quran, He will not forgive shirk, other than that, it will be Allah's will to forgive whoever/whatever He wants, as He is the supreme power. Maulvis should not be more loyal than the King.

  13. Jab singer tha, tu koi problem nai, abb derwash huwa, tu jaan la lo gaye. This is a very sad moment for Pakistan, So many cases like this, mistakes do happen, and its only Allah who is to forgive. A person who Quits singing and started practicing islam properly, why would he intentionally say something like that? He just didn't realise what he said. People like Suni Tehreek are real hate preachers. If they are really Ashiqe Rasool, do they follow all sunnahs of our beloved Muhammad PBUH?


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