Collective efforts needed for strengthening Pakistan


Not a single leader or institution can make a “Naya”, “Tawana” or “Roshan” Pakistan as collective efforts are needed to accomplish it, said Federal Minister for Planning Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal while addressing the 11th Annual Fulbright and Humphrey Alumni Conference at Forman Christian College on Friday.

Iqbal said a country could not progress if there was a political turmoil in the country, adding that political stability and continuation of policies were required for progress and development.

He said there was a strong link in the US higher education and generation which went there for acquiring education as they could contribute a lot in the development of the country upon their return.

He said if a person was committed to its goals, the country provided a number of opportunities for fulfilling them.

“We have to resolve all existing problems of the country as no one from outside would come to solve them for us,” he added.

Ahsan said success was dependent on self belief and positive thinking, adding that development was not a rocket science, it required consistency and a proper planning.

Stressing the role of human resource in the process of development, the minister referred to various steps taken by the government that would help grow knowledge-based economy as envisioned in the Vision 2025. These steps include human resource endowment fund, technology innovation fund, science talent farming scheme and formation of national curriculum council for curriculum reforms remained vital in this respect, he added.

Iqbal said the Vision 2025 included seven major themes including energy security, economic revival with a focus on mobilising indigenous resources, development of human and social capital, infrastructure development, value addition of economy and agriculture sectors, institutional reforms and bringing about reforms for improving security to ensure sustainable development.