White Lies


The strangest stories come out of PTV sometimes. Granted, controlling your drink is not everybody’s cup of tea. But a senior producer in Karachi, in charge PTV South actually, seems bent upon setting his own standard. He can have one too many sundowners on his day, like he was at a reception held by a multinational bank at a foreign consulate. But push invariably comes to shove after a point – and there was some pushing and shoving when security came – and it becomes that much harder to hold your head, literally. Besides, it appears he carries quite a reputation of just such shows. Gives Current Affairs a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?


One of the elitist and urbane of the PML-N ladies is having a hard time fitting into Lahore’s elite, apparently. Now she’s worked, rather talked, her way right up the party ladder. She’s not only the self-styled new voice of the party, but also prides herself for leading N’s businesswomen wing. Strangely, though, she could not quite waltz her way into one of Lahore’s elite clubs. And it’s not as if they had a secret ballot or something. Word is that many in the city’s established elite just wouldn’t have her there. They just refused to be where she was going to be. Seems working your way up to the Sharifs is like distancing yourself from Lahore’s cream. How strange is that?


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