What is ‘zulam ka nizam’?


Politicians often speak of “zulam ka nizam” against “adal ka nizam” without any introspection. To deprive the people of their rightful dues is the greatest example of zulam as per Quranic injunctions. Nations have been destroyed because of keeping a tilted balance. Here is an example of this zulam: the poor people of DIK are deprived of their share of water by politicians not supporting KBD, which is the only possible source of water due to them as 14 per cent share agreed in the Water Accord of 1991. Their share has been denied to them by vested interests of all hues of politicians for a quarter century.

To keep 8 lacs acres of virgin land barren is historic zulam inflicted on the people of DIK. Their miserable life could be converted into a paradise on earth if their share of water could be provided to them. But it can only be done if KBD is constructed and a gravity canal from the right bank of Indus is dug. Only changing the name of a province does not do justice to the people unless and until their life is changed.