Repair of CNG buses awaits release of funds


The city where citizens have already been suffering from bad transportation system for a long time, nobody knows what shape it is going to adopt after 60,000 qingi rickshaws will be regularised in the city, however, it is certain that it will further deteriorate the situation.

Such a big city which is generating over 70 per cent of revenue of the country and has the biggest population comparing to other cities nationally has no proper transportation. People are forced to travel in old, rusty and unmaintained buses. The big projects such as Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) and Rapid Bus Transit system have yet been on paper only.

On the other hand, Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah had inaugurated half of the previously running 36 CNG buses on September 5 which had started plying route from Quaidabad to Tower. The summary submitted more than a month ago for repairing of the remaining buses which would run between Surjani and Tower has still been waiting approval in the Sindh government departments, sources told.

The sources from the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation CNG bus department said this time 22 buses were on agenda to be launched which would soon be on road after the funds would be released by the government for their repairing.

“It is a fact that the need of Karachiites was very big and comprehensive planning is needed to deal with such big demand,” said the sources.

Earlier the Karachi commissioner had announced that Qingchi rickshaws would be regularised which was also being mulled by the transport and mass transit department Sindh.