Racism is still alive


I recently read a news item of the killing of 18-year-old Mr Brown, an African American, by white policeman within the suburbs of Ferguson, a city in United States, the so-called protector and maintainer of world peace and the one who claims providing unmatched human rights to its people. The boy lost his life by a brutal bullet piercing his head. Worrying still is the (black) law that has left ruthless perpetrator unaccountable and set him free to murder others with impunity. The biased attitude of jury towards innocent black victim is a blot on judicial history of the United States.

It is astonishing to note that the foundation stone of United States was laid on the principle of equality and freedom but it seems the country has forgotten the very principle it was established on. It is practising Orwellian equality: “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others”. Completely shattering the dream of Martin Luther King Jr, black Americans are still treated as outclass in many American states. Their plight paints a gory picture and has gone up to the extent that black fathers condition their children to escape white policeman’s brutality. The situation there is akin to British Raj where even positively arguing with white man invited their wrath. According to residents, the policemen have dictatorial powers and they illegally arrest black youngsters on trivial issues.

Presently, United States is unjustly interfering in many regions of the world on the pretext of mass murder, human rights violation and cruelties of dictatorship but sadly it has ignored its own country that has been shattered economically and socially. Murder and racism are on the rise. US, despite financing proxy wars in other countries and destabilising them, must set its own house in order and ensure its citizens are provided due rights by ending discrimination and prejudice against anyone.