Khan lashes out at minister, calls him ‘Sheeda Darbari’


Reacting to Federal Minister for Information Pervaiz Rashid’s allegations against him, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday nicknamed Rashid as ‘Sheeda Darbari’ for being a servile courtier of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who he termed as the King of Pakistan.

“The country’s information minister has nothing else to do than worry about how expensive the buckle on my sandal is. It’s a pity that Sharif even can’t find worthy courtiers,” Khan said while addressing his party workers at the daily sit-in.

Khan said that the government would be sent packing after PTI’s Sunday rally in Islamabad, which he claimed would be the biggest in the history of Pakistan. “We have only started getting warmed up before the final match that is yet to be fought,” Khan said.

He said that after Plan A (sit-in), Plan B (sit-in plus rally), now PTI was all set to launch Plan C.

“Mian Sahib, our Plan C will be even harder for you to digest,” he said, addressing the prime minister.

He once again called on the prime minister to declare his local and foreign assets.

“All of my assets, the details of which have now been published online, are in my name. I do not have any ghost ownerships like the Sharifs and their lot,” Khan claimed.

He said that Sharif had no idea who he was dealing with.

“Sharif was fortunate to have a friendly Asif Ali Zardari led opposition, but unluckily he is now facing me,” he said.


  1. Corruption must be tackled with zero tolerance at every level, the government must address the massive anamolies of the electoral process,for the benefit of all peoples of Nation crumbling onto its failing foundations.

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