Reforms Committee objects to ECP’s vast powers: report


The Electoral Reforms Committee is seeking to reduce the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) power regarding political delimitations and suo motu notices, a news channel reported on Wednesday.

According to the channel’s report, the committee has recommended that ECP should at least explain the reasons behind suo motu notices. Political leaders who are members of the committee also demanded that ECP should not be authorised to ask for the number of party members or their party manifesto.

The channel said that members of the committee observed that ECP works in a dictatorial manner and many of its rules are against democratic values. The committee also recommended amendments in Political Parties Order 2002.


  1. Had ECP given powers, they would have questioned & taken actions against the ROs against rigging etc; & disqualify all those politicians as per article 62 & 63, disqualify politicians who did not submit details of their assets etc; on time, give false information while filing of nomination papers etc; yes! un-necessary powers should be amended with laws for effective administration of holding & executing free, fair & transparent elections by EC….why we not take hint from our neighbors ?

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