Lack of accountability


The uncountable problems being faced by our country today seem to have only one strong root cause: lack of accountability. There seems to be no authority in this democratic state of ours that keeps an eye on our various law enforcing institutes and see whether they are working honestly or not. To keep a check on their efficiency has now become quite due as so many incidents take place every now and then to which nobody has any answer to.

If a group of looters succeed in robbing a bank, the authorities responsible don’t even try to search for them because they are sure they won’t be able to find them. This is why the common man is easily harrassed and has become paranoid for good. He knows that whatever happens to him, the government or the police will not be of any help. This attitude of the common man needs to be changed by the government by keeping a check on the efficiency of the police and the traffic police so that security that these institutions are supposed to give to the people is ensured and people get a chance to feel secure for a change.




  1. Two cards in the Cache seemed very secure, but four cards worried me a bit due to the thickness and possibility that one may slip out between the other cards. I don///'t know what the recommended number of cards is for the case.

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