AGP Rana denies charges in reply to SJC


Auditor General of Pakistan Buland Akhtar Rana on Tuesday submitted his reply to the Supreme Judicial Council, denying various allegations against him, including harassment of officials.

In his reply, Rana stated that all allegations against him are baseless. He stated that he neither has increased his salary by illegal means nor gained money through monetization of vehicles.

Rana said that he is empowered to recruit and transfer any employee of the Audit Group while denying that he had transferred some officials illegally.

He also said that the interpretation of the law against him regarding pension allowance has not been done correctly.

The SJC headed by Justice Nasirul Mulk will hold a hearing on November 26 of the reference against Rana. The council has ordered Rana to appear before the bench in person


  1. The Auditor is a lawful judge in financial matters.His clarifications would speak on and justify itself. He can never do injustice to Public Money for which he is the custodian as well as watch Dog. for GOD sake things may be looked into in the National Interest.

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