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Qadri wants two-third majority in NA for ‘revolution’

Urging people to vote for Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) candidate Nazar Abbas for by-polls in Darya Khan on November 29, PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri claimed Sunday that he would change the current system if the masses helped him secure a two-third majority in the National Assembly (NA).

“If I get a majority vote in the NA, I will change this corrupt system,” Qadri said, while addressing a rally in Bhakkar.

“We will divide the palaces of feudal lords and build homes for the homeless and provide employment for the unemployed,” said Qadri.

Vowing to create a “Hussaini society”, Qadri said that he would unite Sunni and Shia sects in the country if the masses voted him to power.

“The sit-ins have awakened and empowered the nation,” said the firebrand cleric, who, after wrapping up his sit-in in the federal capital on October 21, Qadri returned to the country on November 20 after a trip to the US, Canada and UK.

“We are protesting against the corrupt and oppressive government which has denied basic rights to citizens and emptied the country’s treasury,” said the PAT chief. He went on to say that a war between the strong and the weak has begun in the country.

“The first test of this war is in the by-elections being held in Darya Khan,” said the PAT chief, adding that two of the PAT workers martyred in Lahore’s Model Town incident were from Bhakkar.

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  1. Abdul Hakim said:

    Janab Qadri Sahib may have to learn the trick from Nawaz Sharif how to gain a two third majority in the Parliament

  2. Rubab Farooqui said:

    The Canadian clown is back after getting his Passport renewed from Canada.

    His Canadian passport number is: GL864265

    All Pakistanis should write to the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, to stop his citizen from creating chaos in Pakistan. His twitter ID is @pmharper and you lodge complain against @tahirulqadri

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