White Lies


Who’s this lucky guy? Serving SSP, that too in the capital city, and a political favourite of the ruling party to boot. Now he’s been given an additional assignment: Director Vigilance PIA, at a meagre salary of Rs28 lac per month. This is an organisation that haemorrhages Rs2 billion every month, remember? Now, since this shining star is currently doing a course at NIPA, it’s not exactly possible to be in Karachi for all the airline’s vigilance decisions – this post didn’t even exist till he got it. So he puts in three days a week at the Lahore office to present his pearls of wisdom. Who does the N-league’s math? Maybe the SSP does that too!

So the Great Khan played his Sindh card to the hilt, as expected, even though he unnerved some of his more Punjabi fans by opposing the Kalabagh Dam, and probably touched upon some fault lines by challenging the division of the province. Some old hand apparently suggested some politics of opportunism while he was there — a prayer at the Bhutto tomb, perhaps. But Khan, as always, had bigger ideas, and ideals. Rather than go for symbolism, Khan played Bhutto himself, claiming he was the man to finish ZAB’s original agenda. And Larkana seemed to like it.


  1. If Director Vigilance were to do his job, the first casutly should be Advisor Aviation himself who promoted the man responsible for Umra Scam involving PIA and travel agents and preventing sacking all those hired by his predecessors with fake degrees, and giving back dated seniority to former MD who after 3 year of absence during which he worked with foreign Turkish airline was allowed to rejoin. He also restored the controversial contract with dubious Dubai based vendor which has caused grounding of half fleet. Etc etc.

  2. aab to koi NS supporter kuch bhi nahi keh sakte ? Any PMN N supporter has any to comment on this blatant corruption…?

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