First victim from Tharparkar succumbs to deadly Congo virus


A 50-year-old man hailing from Sindh, and the first from the drought-affected district of Tharparkar, died at Aga Khan Hospital on Friday after suffering from the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever creating panic among the entire population of the drought-affected region.

According to details, Mohammad Sakhi Nohri of Taluka Chhachharo was taken to Hyderabad on Wednesday and was then transferred to Karachi in serious condition.

Nohri died on Friday afternoon while receiving treatment. The provincial authorities had taken notice of the first case of the Congo fever from Tharparkar, but not a single official visited him till his death.

“I can’t understand why the provincial government is not taking Tharparkar seriously,” former provincial minister for relief and rehabilitation and chairman of the Pakistan Relief Foundation Haleem Adil Sheikh said.

Sheikh, who recently visited different villages of Tharparkar, said proper investigation should be initiated, adding he suspected others had also died due to the fever.

“Not all people from Tharparkar could afford private hospitals,” he added.

This is the fourth death in less than four months, and according to officials of the health department, it was the seventh case reported from the province. Sources in the health department believe that the number of cases could be more than that on record.