Railways suffers over Rs 20b losses yet there’s no accountability


The Pakistan Railways suffered a loss of over Rs 20 billion due to irregularities by the employees of the department during 2013-2014 but no action has been taken against the officials responsible so far, Pakistan Today has learnt.

According to the audit report for the year 2013-14 by the Auditor General of Pakistan, Pakistan Railways suffered a loss of Rs 10.2 billion because of delay in repairing of the rolling stocks during the year 2012-2013.

Equipment worth Rs 250 million has been stolen, whereas there is no record of cases worth Rs 1.14 billion, the report states.

Pakistan Railways is suffering losses worth billions every year due to insufficient number of freight trains and engines. The report says that 57 diesel/electric engines out of a total of 69 have been grounded.

The audit report further said that high-speed diesel worth Rs 2.94 billion was purchased against the rules, adding that additional expenses worth Rs 3.35 billion were drawn from the national exchequer to pay off excessive number of employees.

As many as 202 train coaches cost an additional Rs 1.58 billion, said the audit report, adding that unnecessary equipment worth Rs 220 million was purchased whereas dues worth Rs 130 million were not received. Pakistan Railways also suffered a loss worth Rs 40.8 million due to delay in installation of the machinery.

Ironically, despite failing to achieve the targets an additional ‘overtime’ amount of Rs 120 million was paid to the employees.


  1. Khawaja Saad Rafique you are involved in the Railway land FRAUD, and how many billions Rs you got it!!! you Bandit! Go Nawaz Go

  2. In pretty sure this is what khan and qadri have been highlighting these last few months. Im no pti or pat fan – but facts arr facts. Current pakistan elected ( or rigged lol ) officials are corruot and steal money. Saad rafique was quick to mouth off against khan but now lets hear his defence? Or is he busy at his luxury penthousr in dubai? Or florida?? Yes i think wr all know where the billions of poor taxpayers money has gone!

  3. This was bound to happen when clowns in charge, with an understanding with even higher clowns, keep engaged in extraneous activities, with no time for the department that they are made heads of. Also, when there is pressure on all of them to 'earn' money for the big boss, and not so much for the department, they will do as told and in the process, help themselves as well, creating this accelerated corruption that we see all around. I wonder whether public-private train affairs has been sorted out in respect of which, it was reported that the private operators were receiving ticket proceeds while government was paying all the expenses, without receiving the agreed daily rental from the private operators, which were just piling up as arrears, and liable to be written off later.



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