White Lies


So Imran Khan’s family is having none of the talk about his marriage, whatever the grapevine says about a former famous TV personality. If he’s really done it, more power to him. He’s a big boy, and can make his own decisions. As far as they are concerned he’s still the country’s most eligible bachelor – a viewpoint shared by many pretty faces that throng to his dharnas and jalsals. But they also say he’s married to Pakistan. Seems kaptaan is just as visibly passionate about the country as he is secretly about his new soul-mate.


With all the viruses that keep Pakistan in the news, there’s another one to add to the list, and it is catching on faster than most. It’s the Go virus. Of course, nobody can forget how it started with Go Nawaz Go, especially not Nawaz. But now it’s become almost over-saturated. N-leaguers responded with Ro Imran Ro, which some in the social media found funny on top of being politically pointed. But there was no fun for Shahbaz when Jhang’s flood affectees added Go Shahbaz Go, while they didn’t forget his brother, of course. And the virus has spread down south too, with the MQM resorting to Go Shehla Go in response to her “unparliamentarily language”. But, like most things in abundant supply, hasn’t Go’s impact been diluted a little?