Police arrest Christian in hiding for ‘blasphemy’



Police said Saturday they have arrested a Christian man who went into hiding after being accused of committing blasphemy.

Qaisar Ayub was arrested in Lahore and is being held in a police station in Talagang town, around 300 kilometres southeast, where a case was registered against him three years ago.

“We are investigating the accused over blasphemy charges filed against him in 2011,” local police official Khurram Hussain told a foreign news agency, adding Ayub was shifted to Talagang days after he was arrested in his native Lahore.

Ayub, who in his 40s, was accused of allegedly posting blasphemous messages on a Christian website that he was moderating.

“In 2011, a local resident of Talagang filed an application with the police accusing Ayub of using derogatory language against the Prophet (PBUH) on his website”, Hussain said.

The policeman said the accused, a computer science graduate, went into hiding after the case was filed against him.

“The accused was declared absconder by a session court in Talagang in 2012 and since then the police has been searching for the accused”, Hussain said.

Mobeen Ahmed, another senior police official, confirmed his arrest.

Blasphemy is a hugely sensitive issue in Pakistan, with even unproven allegations often prompting mob retribution.

Those who take part in violent attacks are rarely if ever prosecuted — a fact not lost upon the relatives of the deceased.

On November 4, a Christian couple, Shehzad and Shama, were beaten by a mob of 1,500 people then thrown on top of a lit furnace in a crazed reaction to rumours they had thrown pages of the Holy Quran into the garbage.

The horrific incident sparked outrage and protests across Pakistan. Police have arrested more than 40 suspects.


  1. Here we go again…another life ruined by this stupid blasphemy law that protects no one but harms many people…when will Pakistanis have the courage to,do something about it?…it makes Pakistan the laughing stock of the free world…

    • Eddied – dont live in glass houses anf then have the bravery to throw stones. Shall we review some of the wests legal systems. Lets day the philpotts of b ham UK. TORCHED AND BURNED THEIR CHILDREN ALIVE. and they got miserabke prison sentences when really a drath penalty should be given to those monaters. Dont judge another people or their legal systems just because u lack the intelligence to understand it. At one time blasphemy in christianity was punishable by death. A time when faith in god was dear to the average man. Now if course materialism and capitalism is god.

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