PM asked to review decision to cut CNG supply to filling stations


Ghiyas Paracha, leader of the CNG sector has asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to review recent decision to discontinue supply of CNG to filling stations in Punjab as it will leave thousands of operators and millions of related people jobless.

“The government’s decision to keep CNG stations closed across Punjab for four months with immediate effect will hurt millions therefore it must be reviewed in the best interest of masses as government has promised not to take away job of anyone. The decision is against the ground realities, therefore CNG operators will find it very difficult to accept it,” said Ghiyas Paracha in a statement issued on Friday.

He said that the decision of the government would disrupt daily life across the most populous province of Pakistan where Rs 350 billion have been invested in this sector. Paracha said that CNG is the only sector which has no alternative to the natural gas, therefore its supply should not be suspended. The sectors that can use alternate fuels are being supplied gas but the one which is totally dependent on gas is kept away which is beyond understanding, he said.

He said: “Decision to allocate gas to industry shows that the commodity is not as short as described, therefore supply to the CNG sector should be resumed. The load management means reduction in supply but authorities use this word for complete disconnection which is amazing. The decision will stoke inflation, trigger unemployment, hike transport fares, increase petrol consumption, push pollution and put forex reserves under pressure.”

The leader of the CNG sector said that it would imbalance budgets of millions and leave tens of thousands of public service vehicles unserviceable. “CNG sector has been paying highest tariff and maximum taxes and saving precious foreign exchange but it has been treated unfairly,” he observed.