Christian couple was lynched in presence of PML-N MPA: report

  • TV channel says MPA Mohammad Anees is now trying to save prime suspect, Riaz Kamboh
  • Anees denies charge, says he arrived at the scene after the couple was thrown in furnace of brick kiln

A Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) provincial lawmaker was present on the scene when an angry mob lynched a Christian couple to death in Kot Radha Kishan last week, news channel Samaa reported on Thursday.

According to the channel, PML-N MPA Mohammad Anees, who was reported to have been sighted on spot where the couple was tortured before being thrown into an infernally hot brick-making kiln, is allegedly trying to save the prime suspect, Riaz Kamboh.

Quoting witnesses, the channel reported that by the time Anees arrived on the spot the mob had tortured the couple unconscious but had not thrown them in the furnace by then.

“The battered couple was alive when MPA Anees reached there; however, immediately after tractor trolleys loaded with dozens of berserk villagers arrived at the site and threw the poor couple into the kiln while shouting religious slogans,” the channel’s sources quoted an eyewitness as saying.

The MPA has, meanwhile, told police that the couple had already been thrown in the furnace before he arrived at the kiln.

“Shama and Shahzad were already dead when I reached the spot. That’s why I couldn’t do anything for them,” the MPA told the police in a recorded statement.

The channel said that the bereaved family had been offered Rs 5 million to drop the charges against the main accused Riaz Kamboh, an influential former councilor.

Shahzad and his pregnant wife Shama, who were killed for alleged blasphemy, were locked inside a room at the brick kiln where they were working as bonded labourers, before their murder to prevent them from fleeing their debts.



  1. Orrible, orrible, orrible… there are no words to describe this barbarity! A man and a woman, poor, almost enslaved by their employer, with even no money to raise one of their children (given to an uncle), killed in such a barbaric way only because they were christian that heroically refused to forcedly convert to Islam…

  2. influential personal always behind the heinous crime in Pakistan….common man can not take such a big step

  3. imran ali sb wake from your slumber, i am responsible for this barbaric act, your are responsible for this heinous act, we are all responsible for this act, no words can describe this!!!!! ARE WE HUMAN ANYMORE??? ARE WE EVEN MUSLIMS ANYMORE???

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