RAC show cases rare photos of Dr Allama Iqbal


In connection Iqbal Day, Rawalpindi Arts Council arranged an exhibition based on the rare photos on life and struggle of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal here on Sunday.

Resident Director RAC Waqar Ahmed inaugurated the exhibition which was witnessed by a large number of school children and general public who thronged arts council on the eve of his birth anniversary. More than one hundred rare photos of Dr Allama Iqbal were put on display for general public.

Addressing at the inaugural ceremony, Resident Director RAC Waqar Ahmed said that Rawalpindi Arts Council celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr Allama Iqbal with traditional zeal and patriotism. Paying rich tribute to Allama Iqbal, he said that the thoughts of Allama Iqbal are guidance for Muslims because he always tried to awake them from sound slumber.

Waqar Ahmed said that purpose of organizing of event was to convey the message of Dr Allama Iqbal in a practical way through photographs. At the end, fateh was offered for the soul of Dr Allama Iqbal.



  1. Even today many leftists and Communists claim Iqbal’s legacy, particularly citing masterpieces like ‘Karl Marx Ki Awaz’, ‘Bolshevik Roos’, ‘Saqi Nama’,‘Lenin Khuda Ke Huzoor Maen’, ‘Saqi Nama’, ‘Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shoora’, ‘Sarmaya o Mehnat’ etc.

    An Indian communist Shamsuddin Hasan declared “ Even a half-wit can see by reading his works Khizr-i-Rah (The Journey’s Guide) and Payam-i-Mashriq (The Message of the East), that Allamah Iqbal is not only a communist– but communism’s high priest”.

    A harried Iqbal who never expected intelligent critics , made a pathetic defence the very next day in the daily Zamindar as follows:

    “I am a Muslim and believe, on the basis of logical reasoning, that the Holy Qur’an has offered the best cure for the economic maladies of human societies. No doubt the power of capitalism is a curse if it exceeds the limits of the happy mean. But its complete elimination is not the right way for freeing the world from its evils as the Bolsheviks propose. Russian Bolshevism is a strong reaction against the selfish and short-sighted capitalism of Europe. But in fact the European capitalism and the Russian Bolshevism are two extremes. The happy middle path is what the Holy Qur’an has shown to us and to which I have alluded above. The equitable Shariah aims at protecting one class from the economic domination of the other, and in my belief, the path chosen by the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) is the one best suited for this purpose.”

    It was a bit too late for lame excuses.

  2. my heart bleeds for the poor people of Palestine , who trusted the No 1 Muslim poet ( as tom tommed by Rothschild media ) of the planet , not to let them down.

    Here was a Muslim who kept giving unsolicited proof that his forefathers were Sapru clan , Kashmiri Pandit Brahmins. But what I do not understand is why his father Shaikh Noor Mohammad was a poor illiterate tailor.

    Iqbal was taken to Germany by Rothschild to introduce him to the “two nation theory ” for divide and rule.

    Till he was unleashed back into India from Germany, by German Jew Rothschild , totally brainwashed by a Jewish honey trap –a gorgeous German girl by the name of Emma Wegenast, Indians lived in harmony as Muslims and Hindus –with a common enemy, the British.

    During the 1857 freedom war, Hindus and Muslims –all Indians– fought shoulder to shoulder against the foreign white invader , the British. British East India Company was owned by German Jew Rothschild, who gre opium in India and sold it in China.

    Iqbal is highly respected in Pakistan. In fact he is No 1 citizen of Pakistan, even ahead of Jinnah.

    At Heidelberg Germany, one street ( at Marriott Hotel over looking river Neckar ) is named after Iqbal called IQBAL UFER.

    Why not?

    Rothschild rewarded him for his role in pouring cold water over Muslim world anger over Palestine and ending the powerful Ottoman empire at Turkey.

    Today Rothschild holds Bilderberg conference at Istanbul and the Turkish army and economy/ banks are controlled by the Jews.

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