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PAT to enter politics: Applies to ECP for election symbol


 Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) on Monday approached Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) seeking allotment of an election symbols for the party for next general elections in the country, a private news channel reported.

According to the report, PAT has requested to be allotted a symbol of Tractor, Star or Hockey, in the application submitted to ECP.

The party has also submitted its asset details, claiming assets worth Rs1.4 million.

PAT chief Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri announced in October that his party would contest next general elections as a political party.

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  1. Mark Ellis said:

    What does he going to do next and what will happen ahead. We are going back again again but not going to forward.

  2. jamshed kharian-pak said:

    Great Allama Dr Muhammad Tahir-UL-Qadri will restart Jehadfi sabeelillah, Jehad against poorty, needs of food!, needs of water, needs of healthcare, needs of education, every 20 minutes one Pakistani lady die giving birth, every hour 20 Pakistani children die lake of clean water, at least 25-30 twenty five to thirty millions children are not schooled lake of infrastructure, list is very long, Allama sahib are in hurry to give this minimum advantage to poor Pakistanis, oh yes there are 110-millions one hundred ten millions out of 220MILn Pakistanis cannot take tow meals a day no money no honey! of course it's not the Pakistani state's PBS!!! Nazwaz be careful! Allama Sahib is back on 17NOV2014 Alhamdoulillah, Go Nawaz Go

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