White Lies


It’s not every day that an early morning trip to the bakery leaves you nauseous. Yet that’s just what happened at a famous bakery chain recently, so well known for its gourmet meals and gourmet water. A few people suffered an Oh-My-God moment when they arrived just as the shutters were being raised, and saw an army of rats and mice having a field day with the cakes and pastries on display. Now you’d expect a little more emphasis on hygiene from a chain that services a large cross-section of society, wouldn’t you?


How the prime minister has been hard at work the last few days. He headed the meeting on polio, took the lead in cabinet evaluations, offered his two pence worth on economic indicators and even had a meeting with the army chief. Quite a to-do list for a premier who gets so much flak for inactivity. But maybe that was because he had to jet off to China. And he’ll be off to Germany not long after he’s back from the Middle Kingdom. He’ll be there for a road show, no doubt marketing Pakistan and attracting investment at the same time. He’s obviously very bullish; expecting his efforts to raise the GDP by some notable percentage points. But if he’d just look at ground realities, and the internal situation, perhaps he’ll decide the expenditure on the road show is just not worth it.