Multan murder-convict Romeo steals limelight on local channels



For around four hours, Pakistani news channels gave live coverage to an eccentric event in Multan District Jail on Friday where a prisoner climbed up a water tank, demanding the jail authorities to arrange a meeting with his lover.

The prisoner Ghulam Muhammad and the woman are both murder convicts and are serving their terms.

According to reports, on Friday morning, Ghulam managed to evade policemen deployed on jail duty and climbed atop a water tank and announced that he would not come down unless his lady-love, jailed in the women’s jail, comes to see him.

Rescue services were called in with a crane to bring down the prisoner and prevent any untoward incident.

Failing to convince Ghulam to climb down, jail authorities finally gave in and brought in the woman who unsuccessfully attempted  to persuade him to come down. Ghulam was adamant that the woman comes atop the water tank to meet him and went on to complain about her ‘unfaithfulness’.

When authorities refused to send up his lover, in yet another dramatic turn, the romeo tried to hang himself by the ladder through a noose he had tied around his neck.

Rescue officials quickly responded to the event and brought him down via the crane. He was shifted to a local hospital.

Ghulam is said to be stable now.

Police sources have added that the prisoner will now be facing cases of attempted suicide as well as interference in official work.


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