PM’s political secretary demands inquiry into son’s injury at school


Prime minister’s political secretary, Dr Asif Kirmani, demanded of the Aitchison College, Lahore on Wednesday for holding an enquiry into the incident in which his son was injured.
In a letter, addressed to the Aitchison College principal, dated November 1, which was released to the media on Wednesday, Dr Kirmani said that the incident was a result of “criminal negligence and administrative failure on part of the institution”. His son’s classmate had seriously injured him in the classroom and he demanded that the head of the institution looked into the matter.
According to Dr Kirmani, his son Syed Aftab Saeed Kirmani, a student of Class K-5M at the Aitchison Junior School, was seriously injured at school on the morning of October 28 after which he was given into his mother’s care. He said that Aftab’s mother had found his son’s right wrist covered with a pressure bandage and rushed him to a hospital.
Dr Kirmani said a surgeon at Hameed Latif Hospital had told him that Aftab would be operated on under general anaesthesia as the wound was cut deep and he had bled a lot. Aftab required immediate plastic surgery, he added. Aftab was later operated under general anaesthesia at said hospital and the treatment of laceration of right wrist was performed in layers.
Giving fact details, Dr Kirmani said that he had come to know that on the day of the unfortunate incident, his son had to take a break after attending the library class. Upon his return from his break, an unruly brat named Fahar Bharwana, forcibly closed the classroom door from the inside, obstructing his entry into the classroom.
Fahar’s forcible pushing of the glass door broke it and pierced Aftab’s right wrist that resulted in a deep wound and abundant, uncontrollable bleeding. He mentioned that there was no teacher present to stop Fahar and the administration was informed by students later.
Dr Kirmani said the class teacher took Aftab to the school dispensary and then was sent to the hospital as the dispensary could not tend to such a serious injury.
Dr Kirmani said it was criminal negligence on part of the school administration and their irresponsibility that Aftab was sent to the hospital with a school van driver and no responsible staff member even bothered to accompany the bleeding child, which he said, spoke volumes of the institution’s functioning and lack of adherence to rules and regulations.
Dr Kirmani said that Aftab had to miss his term exams because of the injury inflicted upon him by an unruly student. Dr Kirmani said he met the acting Principal on October 29 and was shocked to know that he had no idea about the incident. He expressed his disappointment that nobody from the school contacted him or his wife to ask about the well being of their son and said it was a ‘classic example of indifferent attitude’. He said it was only after his meeting the acting Principal that his wife had received a phone call by the class teacher inquiring about Aftab’s health.
He said that he had met the junior section’s headmistress on October 30 and disappointingly found out that Fahar’s parents were not summoned or notified about Aftab’s injury, which was caused at the hands of their son, and no disciplinary action was taken against that student until date.
Dr Kirmani complained that the headmistress had been misinformed of the incident and the facts were skewed in favour of the accused to silence them as he belonged to an influential public servant’s family. He said that this mishap’s prime responsibility fell on the administration’s shoulders and it was for them to call an 1122 ambulance and shift their son to a good hospital.


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