President tells countrymen to adopt Ashura’s message of sacrifice


President Mamnoon Hussain has urged the nation to promote love, peace, tolerance and brotherhood by shunning mutual differences as taught by Imam Hussain (AS).

“This is the only course towards deliverance from crises and achieving peace and prosperity of Pakistan. The best method to pay tribute to Imam Hussain is to follow and promote his teachings,” said the president in his message to the nation on Yaum-e-Ashur.

He said that the nation must ponder over the forces which had been posing threats to Islamic Republic of Pakistan and desired to disrupt national unity to fulfill their designs.

He said Muharram was among the most revered months under Islamic teachings. “This month used to be observed with respect even before advent of Islam,” he said.

“Yaum-e-Ashur reminds us of the unmatchable sacrifices rendered by Imam Hussain when he along with his 72 companions was martyred. The incident of Karbala also teaches us to render all out sacrifices for achieving a noble cause.”

“The very act of sacrifice has been titled as Uswah-e-Shabbiri (model of Shabbir) that teaches us steadfastness for supremacy of the truth,” he remarked.

The president said that by following Imam Hussain’s teachings, we must set aside all biases and interests to promote Islamic and democratic values. We must also vow to act for country’s progress and prosperity and not avoid any step for elimination of terrorism and extremist mindset.

He also prayed to Allah Almighty for Pakistan’s peace, progress and prosperity and inculcation of Yaum-e-Ashur’s real message of sacrifice in our lives.