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Qadri claims expats ‘delighted’ at PAT’s revival

Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri on Saturday said that the second round of political activities and rallies of his party will start after Muharram and “all negative propaganda against PAT will die its logical death and those in favor of status co will be left flabbergasted”.

According to a press release issued by the PAT Central Secretariat, Qadri was talking to different delegations of overseas Pakistanis who called on him in Canada.

He said that the overseas Pakistanis are delighted at the revival of Pakistan Awami Tehreek as a political party. He said with the support of overseas Pakistanis, he will make PAT into the largest political and democratic party of Pakistan and from its platform every educated citizen would be allowed to play his national political role in the development of Pakistan without any discrimination.

Qadri said that the overseas Pakistanis want action against those who murdered 14 PAT workers and injured 90 others through the use of blatant force in the Model Town incident. He said that the people would start hating such a justice system which was essentially discriminatory in nature and therefore unable to meet the imperatives of justice. The PAT chief expressed his resolve not to rest till the culprits of the Model Town incident were awarded exemplary punishment.

Qadri said that the overseas Pakistanis want to play their role and take part in the uplift and development of the country. He observed that the fair application of law is the basis of a civilised society as the discrimination in the enforcement of law will tantamount to the law of jungle where might is always right.

He said that the societies may survive through the suppression and persecution of a tyrannical system but societies based on flawed justice system would meet inevitable disintegration without a fear of contradiction.

He said that he will be reorganising PAT in America from Nov 7. During the process he will be visiting Dallas, New York and Houston where he will be addressing different conventions organised by the Pakistani community. Doctors, engineers and people from all walks of life will be attending these conventions.

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