Gullu Butt to serve as dishwasher, cleaner during term in jail



Gullu Butt, sentenced to serve an 11-year and six months term in jail for vandalising cars during Model Town Incident, will be washing dishes as part of his punishment , private media reported.

The anti-terrorism court (ATC), which sentenced Butt to serve the term in jail and enforced a fine of Rs 100,000 on him for damaging public property on Thursday, has also issued orders to appoint Butt for the duty of washing dishes of his fellow inmates and jail staff and keeping the prison clean.

Butt was caught on live TV cameras on June 17 as he smashed cars using a baton in presence of police personnel during clashes between supporters of Pakistan Awami Tehreek  (PAT) Chief Dr Tahir-ul- Qadri and the police. The clashes broke out when the police attempted to remove security barriers from outside Qadri’s residence in Model Town.