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PM Nawaz approves Najam Sethi’s name for ICC President


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has approved the name of former chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Najam Sethi for the president of International Cricket Council. The Prime Minister is also the patron-in-chief of the PCB.

The world cricket body will elect its President on November 10. According to sources, there is a general belief among the PCB top brass that Sethi was the right man for the job of ICC president. Sethi, a graduate of political science from Cambridge University, is articulate, well-versed in diplomacy and has already established connections with everybody who is anybody in the ICC during his tenure as PCB chairman.

That’s precisely the reason why the Board chiefs are strongly backing Sethi to get the PCB nomination for the post of ICC president. They are of the view that with Pakistan cricket going through hard times, there was a desperate need for intense diplomacy.

To manage it, Pakistan needs someone, who is well versed in cricket affairs and international politics of cricket. That someone, according to PCB higher-up, should be Najam Sethi.

They are of the view that with his vast experience and acumen, Sethi would be able to use what was a vastly ceremonial position to make bridges with world cricket in a bid to provide a boost to the sport in Pakistan.

“The idea is that while (PCB chairman) Shaharyar Khan can handle the domestic aspect of arrangements, the leadership skills needed to represent Pakistan at the ICC level must be entrusted in the safe hands of Najam Sethi,” said a source.

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  1. Abdul Hakim said:

    Nawaz Sharif by supporting Najam Sethi for ICC position is simply continuing going against the set rules which is clearly misuse of his authority

  2. Khubaib Ahmed said:

    I have never seen such an hypocrite in my life?
    Nawaz would go such an extent in rewarding his slaves i never knew!

  3. Hameed Latif said:

    Go Nawaz Go! you are a mad man! we dont know what obsession you have with this guy?

  4. Abid Ali said:

    no no nooo! he does not approve for an ICC president. we strongly oppose this nomination!

  5. Waqas Khan said:

    They are just making fool to the people of Pakistan how come a person who is in Board of Governars can be recommended as ICC President i dont understand Nawaz-Shariffs logic . They are doing only this to please their Indian Fathers , by pleasing them these culprits will be entertain with lots of money .

  6. Saeed Ghani said:

    Najam Sethi an Indian agent is doing this from very long , he was first arrested by Pakistan Army when Nawaz Sharif bailed him because of their unconditional love with India and Indian government.

  7. Dildar Hussain said:

    well i know from the past this rotation of ICC presidency was approved by Zaka ashraf back in 2011.
    Sethi is now shooting on old bullet in the hope of a brand new success!
    This is going to fail big time like previous throws!

  8. Ghazala Farooqi said:

    Mr. chirya is a big time fraud. Like he made us all greedy for few bilateral series between Pak and India in 2014 and 15. As we see 14 is over now with zero matches played between the two opponents. This is again a new trick to get into lime light and prove himself all lucky for PCB when in reality he is not.

  9. Mujahid said:

    Muje tou lgta hai ye both Nawaz n Najam are indian agents! see? bar bar Nawaz utha k sethi ko bitha deta hai? for whom? not for pakistan obviously! Idhar Nawaz hai jo Modi ki biwi ko itni expensive sarian bejhta hai k wo khud pareshan hojati hai. Wo flood days men pani chory jaty hen aur ye nawaz hai k mango bhejy jaty hen!!!

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